Moral Value Education Workshops





Yuva Rural Association (YRA) is a Voluntary Sector Organization working with the mission to support and facilitate the needy, poor and marginalized people to make them harness equal opportunities and participate equally, aiming “No one leave Behind”. Since more than two decades YRA has worked extensively playing multiple roles like policy advocates, movement amplifier, research agency, and facilitators. We facilitate the development process through sustainable livelihood promotion from a broad perspective, with an integrated approach focusing on women, youth, children, Dalits, landless, small and marginal farmers, people living below the poverty line and with differently abled people. We could bring positive changes in the lives of lakhs of people from Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat & Maharashtra since the inception till date. We follow five strong core values like Social Justice, Gender Justice, Ecological Justice, Democracy & Secularism, and Honesty & Integrity.

We are a team of 54 committed social change makers and 340 volunteers having current interventions in 1200 villages from 8 districts of Vidarbha region. In 2011-2012, YRA implemented the value and quality education program of the HRD Ministry of Government of India in 8 districts of Vidarbha within the youth.
(Value Education for Reconstruction of Rural Processes)

With the objective of quality education YRA has pioneered Child Parliament in all the ZP schools in the blocks and districts of interventions as a common agenda. Due to our intervention we could stop 490 girls from dropping out of schools and provide access to clean sanitation facilities to 2700 students.

We have realized that along with physical well being the mental health of these children is also equally important thus we have developed programs to impart Value Education to the school children by fulfilling their emotional & spiritual needs to foster their well being.


Moral Value Awareness Workshops for School Children

Goal- Integrate the understanding and practice of Moral Values in education to foster holistic development, with focus on mental and emotional aspects of life.

Objective- Promote the importance of the universal laws and values such as honesty, self control and responsibility among middle school and higher level students

Activities- Conducting self analytical and group activities, supplemented with stories and personal experiences. Introducing meditation for self understanding, focus and clarity of purpose in life

Output- Regular value awareness workshops followed by feedback and one-on-one sessions to address challenges. Assess changes through pre and post workshop questionnaires. Provide consistent support, guidance and appreciation.

Outcome- Practicing Moral Values promotes stability, focus and strength to overcome challenges leading to a peaceful and fulfilling life.

Impact- Children trained to practice Moral Values will inspire others to practice the same fostering contentment, peace and success. Strong, stable and determined individuals will contribute to the well being of families, communities and nations.

Details of the workshop-

  1. An online Google Form link containing questionnaire on Value awareness is shared with the Principal, teachers and all important educationist connected to the school.

  2. The questionnaire contains 10 questions of MCQ type.

  3. After analyzing the answers to the questions a discussion to finalize the 3 core values that has to be worked upon with the children, are determined.

  4. Based on the decision, another online Google Form link containing questionnaire will be issued to the parent to understand their thought process and take their consent. [optional]

  5. Write up from attendees giving reasons for attending Value Awareness workshop along with their consent.

  6. 30 children are allotted to 1 core value. Which are 90 students for 3 core values?

  7. Workshops are held from April to February.

  8. Minimum of 4 workshops are conducted over this period. The duration of each workshop will be at least 1.30 hour.

  9. Thus, 3 core values, addressing 90 children are conducted in 3 batches. This is repeated 4 times in 4 months.

  10. Attending all the four sessions’ workshops will require nominal charges of INR 1000/- per student.

  11. Provide consistent support and guidance to all the attendees over the 4 months.

  12. Pre and Post workshop questionnaire to attendees to access the change in their mental-emotional health.

  13. Feedback and one on one session for those who need special attention.

Innate Quality In A Soul

  1. Acceptance
  2. Courage
  3. Patience
  4. Cooperation
  5. Forgiveness
  6. Responsibility
  7. Truthfulness
  8. Optimism
  9. Stability
  10. Self Esteem
  11. Purity & hygiene
  12. Resourcefulness
  13. Commitment
  14. Lightness
  15. Happiness
  16. Humility
  17. Introversion
  18. Detachment
  19. Confidence
  20. Determination
  21. Dignity.


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