Vision & Mission


A better human society with equal opportunities and participation towards sustainability of the planet.


YRA is committed to support and facilitate the needy, poor and marginalized people to make them harness equal opportunities and participate equally, aiming “No one leave Behind”.


Social justice:

We believe in achieving social development and justice by adapting a human rights perspective for the self-employment of the powerless and underprivileged sections of our society. We believe that elimination of the discrimination and injustice due to caste, creed, economic status etc, is crucial for the overall empowerment of the society.

Gender Justice:

We have a commitment towards gender equality and building gender equality and building a gender sensitive. Gender justice aims at the personal, social, economic and political empowerment of women internally as well, we strive to ensure that our work is free of gender bias and discrimination.

Ecological Justice:

We believe that nature is supreme and has to be sustained for the core existence of humankind. Hence, all efforts must be taken to sustain our ecology and environment.

Democracy and secularism:

We believe that cast, creed, race etc should not be hurdles in our way of work. We also believe in the following democratic approach in our work wherein all stakeholders are involved and have a say we matter concerning them. Thus, we adopt a democratic and secular approach in our work.

Honesty and Integrity:

As an organization working for the development of our constituency groups, we believe that honesty and integrity and values that should be part of all the members working with us. Our work should be professional and must be undertaken with passion and commitment. The funds we received are the hard-earned money of the people and we believe in obtaining maximum benefits for the community as a whole.