CompTIA A+ Certification Training Course

This 100% online course will prepare you for CompTIA A+ certification exams. A+ credential has no formal prerequisites and serves as the perfect launching pad to a career in help desk, desktop support, system support, or operations. The range of technologies IT professionals encounter is incredibly broad, and for this reason, our A+ training utilizes a vendor-neutral approach. This design means no one vendor or manufacturer is promoted over another, and there are as many real-world examples as possible in the course material. Prep now with CompTIA A+ certification training classes from ONLC, a CompTIA Authorized Partner. CompTIA A+ certified professionals could work as a service desk analyst, technical support specialist, desktop support administrator, help desk technician, or system support specialist. A+ validates your skills across the core network and endpoint technologies that are required by today’s digital work-from-anywhere environment.

  • Take the second step toward becoming a CompTIA A+ certified tech by mastering virtualization, printers, and three flavors of the Windows operating system.
  • Pete Pascoe IT Clerk – Engineers Australia I recently attended a A+ Certification course in Brisbane and would like to say how much I enjoyed the course.
  • These Study Groups are live, open-forum sessions hosted by one of our instructors, where students can ask questions about areas of study they are having issues with.
  • Nearly every organization that uses computers and computing devices needs user and technology support.
  • TrainACE’s A+ training class runs for 56 hours of in-class learning, which makes it a little longer than most of our boot camp-style classes.

Instructors/mentors are actively involved in your online learning experience, responding to any questions or concerns, as well as encouraging and motivating you to succeed. Validation of Fundamental Skills – CompTIA A+ certified individuals are well-versed in the troubleshooting, security, and networking skills that prepare them for many IT professions. While A+ is not the only entry-level certification you can pursue, most of the IT industry uses A+ as a baseline for its entry-level IT job applications. It is also the best certification to go for if you are starting with little or no IT experience. If you have this qualification under your belt, it shows an employer that you are ready to take on a professional IT support style role. Along with quality training you get a practice exam plus an exam voucher to pay for the authorized A+ exams. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics expects computer support jobs to grow 10% between now and 2027, twice the rate of overall job growth.

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As an authorized training partner, you can learn and ready for CompTIA certification with classes with ONLC. CompTIA CompTIA A+ Certification Lessons certifications help identify qualified, knowledgeable individuals in fields of Information Technology .

CompTIA A+ Certification Lessons

ONLC’s schedule includes classes that will help you prepare for the CompTIA A+, Network+, Cloud+, Linux+, Security+, CySA+, PenTest+, CASP+, Server+ and Project+ certifications. We are so confident in the training you’ll receive with us that for training that includes an exam prep and exam voucher as part of your purchase, we have an Exam Pass Guarantee. A+, Network+, Security+ and CompTIA Advanced Security Practitioner (CASP+) certifications have globally-recognized ISO/ANSI accreditation status. As part of the accreditation requirements, these certifications expire every three years if not renewed. As with most professional IT certifications, many addition hours of study are required before the class and after the class . Expect to spend a significant number of hours studying outside of the class before you take a CompTIA or any other IT professional exam.

Certification Courses with exam voucher(s)

A+ certification is trusted by employers around the world to identify the go-to person in end point management and technical support roles. All of our CompTIA classes include access to web-based practice exams. By studying after the class and using these practice exams, you will greatly improve your chances of passing the actual certification exam the first time. Exam prep software is included with all CompTIA classes delivered by ONLC Training Centers. This course will fully prepare you to take and pass CompTIA® A+ certification exams through true-to-life simulations, experience with multiple operating systems, and practice exams. As demand for IT support professionals grows in the DC Metro area, earning a CompTIA A+ certification is the best way to validate your knowledge of Internet of Things technology and set yourself apart from the competition.

CompTIA A+ Certification Lessons

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