Child A Change Maker


Yuva Rural Association (YRA) is a Voluntary Sector Organization working with the mission to support and facilitate the needy, poor and marginalized people to make them harness equal opportunities and participate equally, aiming “No one leave Behind”. Since more than two decades YRA has worked extensively playing multiple roles like policy advocates, movement amplifier, research agency, and facilitators. We facilitate the development process through sustainable livelihood promotion from a broad perspective, with an integrated approach focusing on women, youth, children, Dalits, landless, small and marginal farmers, people living below the poverty line and differently abled people.

We bring positive changes in the lives of lakhs of people from Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat & Maharashtra since our inception till date. We follow five strong core values like Social Justice, Gender Justice, Ecological Justice, Democracy & Secularism, and Honesty & Integrity.

We are a team of 54 committed social change makers along with 340 volunteers having current interventions in 1200 villages from 8 districts of Vidarbha region. In 2011-2012, YRA implemented the value and quality education program of the HRD Ministry of Government of India in 8 districts of Vidarbha within the youth. (Value Education for Reconstruction of Rural Processes)

With the objective of quality education YRA has pioneered Child Parliament in all the ZP schools in the blocks and districts of interventions as a common agenda. Due to our intervention we could stop 490 girls from dropping out of schools and provide access to clean sanitation facilities to 2700 students.

Child A Change Maker

Child A Change Maker (CACM) is a National level Program of YUVA Rural Association for the holistic development of children, with focus on Value Education to school children and helping them grow up to be significant change makers, who would contribute positively to the society. Sensing this need, Yuva Rural Association came up with Child A Change Maker (CACM) program in 2023. Sensitization of privileged children & their parents, towards the existing inequalities around them, is an important objective of CACM.

Child A Change Maker” currently reached out to more than 50000 children in 500 schools, spread across 8 districts of Vidarbha. In addition, their parents and teachers are also involved in the process.

The Rationale behind ‘Child A Change Maker’

Childhood is the most crucial part of human life. The values that are instilled in this tender age decide the future of a child. And since children are the future of a nation, they must be educated keeping in mind the type of society that we wish to build.

If sensitized from the beginning, children have the potential to be the best change agents, be it in their family or the community in which they live. It is therefore crucial to catch them young, and inculcate in them the feelings of compassion, empathy and conscience, so that they grow up as responsible individuals.

What does ‘Child A Change Maker’ do?

Under Child A Change Maker programme, YUVA Rural Association visits various schools and conducts engaging sessions for the young minds – ranging from assembly address, storytelling value education workshops, health and hygiene camps. These interactive sessions are intended to develop clear understanding, right attitude and positive behavioral change in the school children, teachers and the parents. 

The programme also endeavors to bring children from two different worlds together – sensitizing the privileged children about the life and aspiration of their less privileged counterparts, and building the confidence of the underprivileged through interactions outside their own social periphery.