Youth Empowerment

  • YRA India
  • November 22, 2017

Yuva Rural Association believes that rural youth do not get the required opportunities for their growth. These youth lack quality education, employment opportunities, and information. They do not have proper skills to compete in this developing economy and hence fall behind in this economic race. They are also exploited on the basis of caste, social status, educational status etc. Hence, our organization aims at empowering these youth and building their capacities in order to enable them to have a secure future. The following programme is being undertaken for youth development:

Anubhav Siksha Kendra (ASK)

The Anubhav Siksha Kendra programme is being undertaken for the empowerment of the youth of Vidarbha region of Maharashtra. Some of the objectives of the programme include exploring and building the perspective of youth on the realities about self and society, helping youth in exploring and accessing the opportunities of learning and generating insights for development, inculcating values in youth to be responsible citizens and skill and capacity building of the youth for preparing them for employment opportunities. Under this programme, the youth start from being an Anubhav Mitra (concerned citizen) to being an Anubhav Sahayogi (start playing the role of change agents in the society) to finally being an Anubhav Sathi (become leaders and start forming their own events/programmes and organisations).

This programme has increased awareness amongst youth regarding core values such as gender equality, environment justice etc. It has improved leadership qualities amongst youth and has resulted in the development of knowledge and perspective regarding various social issues amongst the youth. There is an increased awareness regarding issues and opportunities available to youth.

Men’s Engagement in Gender (MEG)

Yuva Rural Association believes that men’s involvement and initiative to address the gender discrimination at individual level, family and other institutions of which he is regular part is a good strategy to achieve the gender balance in the society. The objectives of this process includes converging all the efforts of state level and grass-root level different players on gender equality with focus on men’s involvement and initiating massive attitudinal change process with respect to gender equality in the rural society, especially amongst active male counterparts.

Between January and December 2011, a project on combating HIV/AIDS through community engagement was undertaken under the MEG programme. The objective of this project was to make young men in selected villages of Nagpur district of Maharashtra work actively to promote gender equality, prevent HIV/AIDS, help HIV/AIDS affected people (especially women) to access their right to medical treatment, shelter and care and stop violence and abuse of women (particularly HIV/AIDS affected women).

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