Tribal Empowerment

  • YRA India
  • November 22, 2017

Yuva Rural Association identified natural resource management and livelihood as an area of intervention due to the severe impact of rapidly depleting natural resources (land, water, forests) on the livelihood of most tribal communities.

Our work primarily aims at building on the capacities of the tribal communities (marginal youth and women in particular) to restore their rights and manage natural resources in a more sustainable and equitable manner. YRA works in 33 tribal villages of Bhandara, Buldhana and Gondia districts to ensure tribal communities’ access to and control over the natural resources for just livelihoods.

YRA’s initiatives include demonstrating sensible use of natural resources nd conducting skills training for alternative livelihood to enhance family income of the tribal communities with special reference to women. YRA also promotes the convergence of government schemes (like gharkul, well, nursery, small ponds etc.) and programs (like Forest Rights Act, Tribal Development Corporation, tribal development programs, hariyali khushiyali, Joint Forest Management, entitlement of encroached forest/revenue land, skill development training program, MNREGS, promotion of primary process industry, farmers club, honey and mahua collection, lac cultivation, etc) for effective implementation.

In the last 1.5 years, a total 550 households have received benefits from the government schemes. Yuva Rural Association have been able to facilitate to a total of 930 households to avail the individual benefit schemes. A total of 1147 individual claims have been submitted, out of which a total of 197 individuals have received their land title, as per the Forest Right Act – 2006. The tribals have also been able to submit 74 community forest rights claim to the Sub Divisional Officer.

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