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  • YRA India
  • November 22, 2017

Under the thematic area of Responsive Governance towards Human Rights, the following programmes have been undertaken by Yuva Rural Association:

Wada Na Todo Maha Abhiyan (WNTMA)

Yuva Rural Association is an active member of the Wada Na Todo Maha Abhiyan (WNTMA) since 2005. It has undertaken various events under the purview of this programme. This programme believes in holding the government responsible for the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and in increasing the accountability of the government towards its citizens. WNTMA is a part of the nation-wide campaign Wada Na Todo Abhiyan (WNTA) and Yuva Rural Association is the implementing partner of this programme in Maharashtra.

In the period from October to December 2011, Yuva Rural Association has undertaken various programmes under the WNTMA campaign. Nine is Mine campaign was undertaken to fight for children’s rights. The campaign states that 9% (i.e. 6% for education and 3% for health) of the funds must be set aside in each budget. This event reached 17372 student and 479 teachers in Nagpur district and 6866 students and 172 teachers in Bhandara district. Yuva Rural Association in collaboration with G-CAP under the banner of WNTMA conducted a National Hearing on Women and Climate Justice in Nagpur on the 14th of November 2011. The theme of the event was to study the impact of climate change on the lives of the poor, rural tribal communities which has not been studied and understood properly. A 5-day residential training was held for training of volunteer for this campaign. The volunteers were made aware of the issues faced by people in Maharashtra, the various acts and schemes available for the benefit of people and their expectations, contributions and duties as volunteers and individuals towards the society. Apart from this, the volunteers are collecting case stories from the various districts of Maharashtra on issues of Poverty, Health and Education.

Hamara Beej Abhiyan

A large informal network called “Coalition for GM Free India” was formed in 2006 in Nagpur, representing organizations and individuals from more than 15 states of India. The Coalition has been active since then in raising awareness among civil society groups, media and the general public, and in creating an informed debate on GMOs. The Coalition also sees resistance to GM crops in a larger framework of democratization of policy-making in science and technology for the country. Members believe that farmers’ science and knowledge, especially with regard to ecological farming, is the only sustainable way forward for farming in India. It was felt that the same message should be rendered at the grassroots level to the core farmers. This aim enforced to commence with the banner of Hamara Beej Abhiyan in Maharashtra with various allied activities to make the farmers and other general public along with various stakeholders aware of the GM Crops.

Yuva Rural Association has undertaken a number of activities under this campaign. On 27th January 2010, a huge protest was organized at IMA hall, Nagpur during the visit of the then Minister for Environment and Forest, Dr. Jairam Ramesh. Members of Maharashtra Yuva Parishad, Mahila Vikas Parishad and Shashwat Sheti Kruti Parishad from all over Vidarbha marched to Nagpur and protested against the entry of Bt. Brinjal in India. This protest got wide publicity in the print and electronic media. Thousands of pamphlets were distributed among the general public. Dr. Jairam Ramesh, despite severe political pressure, had to bow down in front of such protests and announced the ban on Bt. Brinjal. It was a very big achievement for the organisation.

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