Future Direction

  • YRA India
  • November 22, 2017
Thematic Program Area Key Project Area Sustainability Equity/Inclusion Rights Base
1. Livelihood promotion for poverty alleviation 1A Land based livelihood Family/ JLG/PG as unit Women, small and marginal farmers, landless labour, BPL Price to produce, non-GM crops, seed sovereignty. Government programs
1B Livestock base livelihood As above Dalit, tribal, nomadic, BPL Grazing land, fodder, water, Govt resources
1C Forest base livelihood Community/JLG Tribal, nomadic, women, BPL Forest Rights, NTFP access, govt progs.
1D Water base livelihood Community as unit/Cooperatives Fisher folk, dalit, tribal, landless, women Rights over fish, and other products
1E Micro enterprises (non-farm) Family, group/JLG as unit Women, dalit, landless, BPL Govt schemes
2. Gender & Social equity 2A Social harmony, peace and Violence free society Community, village, sector Women, men, sexual minorities, children Basic human rights
2B Socio- economic and political empowerment of Women Individual and family/ community as unit Women, Single women, PLHIV Livelihood rights, right to participate
2C Social inclusion of excluded section Community, sector as unit Dalit, tribal, PLHIV, people with disabilities, sex workers, children Basic human rights
2D Micro credit and micro finance Groups, family, cooperatives Women, landless, small & marginal farmers, BPL Financial inclusion
3. Natural Resource Management for Sustainable Development 3A Soil and Water conservation Area, region, state as unit Society at large with focus on women and deprived communities Rights over Natural resources
3B Forest conservation Area, region, state as unit
3C Climate change combating, adoption State, National
4. Campaign and project based collaboration 4 Collaboration with networks, alliances, projects Local area, district, region, state, national Poor and deprived section including children, landless labourers & disabled Basic human rights

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