Shaswat Sheti Kruti Parishad

  • YRA India
  • November 22, 2017

Yuva Rural Association (YRA) has been promoting a farmer’s organisation called Shashwat Sheti Kriti Parishad (SSKP). The Organisation has been taking up local issues affecting them such as availability of water and seeds. SSKP has also shown its protest against genetically-modified organisms (GMOs). However, SSKP still lacks a political vision and the leadership has failed to bring in any new vision or direction to the organisation.

In this regard, Yuva Rural Association aims to provide SSKP with various trainings to build the capacities of its leaders and members. YRA will also carry out an organisational development process with SSKP leaders. This is to bring forward the demands of the organisation and addresses certain policy issues like Minimum Support Price, GM Crops, agriculture subsidy, insurance, irrigation, etc.

YRA will also assist SSKP in a membership drive to ensure that the farmers’ organisation will have a larger coverage, both in the number of members and in the geographical area.

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