Producer Company and Farmers’ Clubs

  • YRA India
  • November 22, 2017

To improve the farmer’s situation, Yuva Rural Association have undertaken and demonstrated various experiments in the last 10 years. These experiments, as part of YRA’s promotion of organic and ecologically-friendly farming, include practice of organic methods, use of locally made organic fertilisers and pesticides, integrated pest management, seed plots, seed treatment, mix cropping, crop change, use of local and straight seed variety, soil and water conservation techniques, seed exchange and so on.

As to promote farmers’ involvement in agro-produce processing and marketing, Yuva Rural Association initiated the sale and purchase depot of selected farmers. YRA invited open marketing companies for direct procurement from farmers at higher rate and at the door step. YRA promoted and encouraged collective sale of produce through SHGs.

The idea of farmer’s producer company was discussed in as early as 2008. The group of staff involved in this project did desk study and received feedback from experienced persons. The owners of the Producer Company are the farmers themselves. It was unanimously decided that Yuva Rural Association will provide support in the leadership and look after the entire management of the Producer Company in its early stages, for development and sustenance of this initiative.

After all the legal procedures were completed, the Vidarbha Agriculture Producer Company Ltd. (VAPCL) has been formed. VAPCL received its approval for name from ROC. As of now, the institution has 250 shareholder producers (both men and women) and well structured Board of Directors.

YRA continues to support VAPCL through providing capacity building activities to members of the Board to improve their management and organisational skills. Yuva Rural Association also conducts trainings on agricultural technologies to improve the shareholder producers’ production and marketing skills to improve sales and profitability. YRA also assists VAPCL in networking with other agricultural cooperatives and in negotiating with wholesale buyers of their produce.

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