Capacity Building of POs and PIs

  • YRA India
  • November 22, 2017

YRA focuses on promoting equal access to land, water, forests, energy, and other sources for the poor  and marginalized to enable them to have access to adequate livelihood opportunities from the human rights perspective. A number of interventions are undertaken for livelihoods promotion and income generation mainly to alleviate poverty in the rural areas. YRA focuses mainly on land based, livestock based, water based, forest based and non-farm based livelihoods.

Mahila Vikas Parishad (MVP)

Mahila Vikas Parishad (MVP) was started in 1998 with the help and support of Yuva Rural Association.

Producer Company (PC) and Farmers’ Clubs (FCs)

To improve the farmer’s situation, Yuva Rural Association have undertaken and demonstrated various experiments in the last 10 years.

Maharashtra Yuva Parishad (MYP)

Maharashtra Yuva Parishad (MYP) is a model and activist action-based group at the Maharashtra state level.

Self-Help Groups (SHGs)

Shaswat Sheti Kruti Parishad (SSKP)

Yuva Rural Association (YRA) has been promoting a farmer’s organisation called Shashwat Sheti Kriti Parishad (SSKP).

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