What we do

  • YRA India
  • November 10, 2017

YRA facilitates the development process through sustainable livelihood promotion from broad perspective, with an integrated approach focusing rural and tribal constituencies-(women, youth, children, Dalits, landless, small and marginal farmers, people living below the poverty line and people with disability).

Yuva Rural Association has always believed in working with the poor and needy constituencies and involving them in each intervention and decision in order to gain leverage and achieve a wider scope. YRA has been involving members of the local communities–students, teachers, government officials, farmers, Anganwadi workers, members of the Gram Panchayat, ASHA workers, Police Patils, PRI members, paralegals, and barefoot counselors–as volunteers in YRA’s various programmes and interventions.

Schools and colleges are also approached by YRA to encourage the students to join as volunteers and participate in the various development initiatives, programmes and campaigns. Yuva Rural Association also welcomes and promotes network alliances with like-minded organizations to help ensure that more resources can be mobilized and a variety of high-quality services will be rendered and facilitated for the beneficiaries.

Capacity building of people’s organizations (POs) and people’s institutions (PIs) also remains a vital component of our interventions. YRA believes that participatory approaches will lead to the people and communities’ active involvement and taking ownership of their issues, resulting in more effective and sustainable solutions.

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