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Leadership – Community to Panchayati Samiti

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Kundatai Manohar Kangale has always been an active woman who has been involved in the formation of a lot of SHGs and has helped them in opening bank accounts, and in other financial activities in her village Bhivapur.

As a result of her good work, she was elected as the Sarpanch in Bhivapur in the reservation category for ST candidates. When she became the Sarpanch, she participated in a training programme undertaken by Yuva Rural Association on leadership, values and the systems in the PRI (Panchayati Raj Institution). This really helped her and improved her dealings as the Sarpanch.

During her term, she faced a lot of resistance from the opposition parties who went to the extent of filing a wrongful court case against her. In spite of these hardships, she led successfully for four and a half years.

The people in her village and the others she dealt with during her term were really appreciative of her work and coaxed her to stand for the Chairperson’s election. She stood for the elections and she was elected as the Chairperson for Bhivapur Panchayat Samiti on 14th March 2012.

This is a success story we at YRA are extremely proud of. It’s stories such as this that motivate us to work towards development and political empowerment of women.

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