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Giving Relationships a Chance

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Yuva Rural Association’s Bhandara Counseling Centre (BCC) in Bhandara district handles a lot of cases on rocky marriages and tries to bring in reconciliation amongst the affected people. One such case is of Nalini Gawane (name changed to protect identity).

Nalini resides in Mohadi village of Bhandara district and is an Accredited Social Health Activist (ASHA) worker. Nalini’s parents got her married in 2002. It was an arranged marriage. From the beginning itself, Nalini’s in-laws started harassing her regarding her work. She and her husband then moved to Mohadi and have been staying there in a rented house. Nalini also gave birth to three children.

Initially, all was fine and Nalini was undertaking her ASHA work with ease.  She used to leave her children with her parents while she was away at work and used to return at 6 or 7 PM. However, after some time, her husband started getting suspicious and used to question her when she came home in the evenings. He harassed her continuously. Their constant fights and bickering made them consider divorce and Nalini went to live with her parents.

Nalini then approached the BCC where the counsellor heard her out. The counsellor then met Nalini’s husband. Individual and combined counselling sessions were conducted for both of them. They were made to realise the importance of marriage and their responsibility towards their children. After three-four such sessions, Nalini and her husband decided to give their marriage another chance. They are now living together. Problems still exist but they are working towards solving these issues rather than considering divorce.

The BCC counsellor keeps in touch with Nalini and constantly follows-up with her.

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