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Charged Youth Recharge Water

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Hanvanthkhed is a village in Buldhana district where there were numerous water problems. The community wells in the village were drying up and there was not enough water for the wild animals and the livestock in the village. The youth of the village decided to do something to address these issues. They came together to form a Joint Forest Management Committee and  listed two major issues and decided to work on them – building of check dams to arrest water and afforestation.

There was a huge river running behind the village and the community wells were close to the river. The youth selected certain strategic points and started building check dams with mud and sand through Shramdan (donation of labour to get the work done). There were 15 youth who worked together to build these check dams and over a period of a few days, they were successful in building the dam and arresting water over a certain area. This was done without spending any money and solely through the hard work and physical labour of the youth. This greatly helped in the recharging of the community wells. This also proved helpful for the wild animals and the livestock of the village.

The youth did not stop at this and decided to work towards afforestation as well. There were around 700-800 Sagwan or Teak trees (planted earlier) in the village. The trees had grown but their growth was not very satisfactory due to lack of pruning. The youth started pruning these trees. Thus, they were self-motivated and undertook a lot of physical efforts to prune these trees.

The efforts of the youth were lauded by the community and their commitment was highly appreciated.

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