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Breaking Silence against Domestic Violence

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Bhavna Khangan is a resident of Ralegaon Block in Yavatmal District. After marriage, Bhavna faced a lot of atrocities and physical and mental harassment from her mother-in-law and brothers-in-law. She sought help from her husband but he also turned a blind eye to her issues and problems. This left her very depressed and she began to cope with her issues in her own way without any support from anyone in her family.

When the “We Can” campaign was initiated in her village, she sought support from the changemakers and volunteers. She started actively participating in the meetings and events organized by the campaign. She even became a changemaker herself and started working and earning money. This also changed the attitude of her family members and they started treating her in a better way.

Bhavna herself has become a leader now and cites her example to other women in distress. She urges others to fight against violence and other social evils, customs and practices which harm women.

Now Bhavna has gone a step ahead and has founded the Priyadarshini Gramin Sanstha for women. She gives all credit to the We Can campaign for empowering her and building her confidence.

Hats off to women like her!!!

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