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  • November 10, 2017

All the staff members of Yuva Rural Association work as a team and contribute to the success of the programme. The Chief Functionary, Regional Coordinators and the District Coordinators are the key staff members who provide interface with the community. The role of the other team members is to support these three key functions as they carry out their work efficiently and effectively.The YRA Work Flow Task Force broadly depends on the following areas of our work:

  • Policies relating to our working environment
  • Systems and procedures
  • Levels of Authority Document
  • Systems, policies and work flow relating to projects undertaken in partnership with Governments / NGOs.
  • All information and reporting systems – existing and proposed.

The above areas are followed for the effective and smooth functioning of the organization. These also help in better monitoring and evaluation of initiatives and in taking further steps ahead.

The abbreviations and the designations depicted in the Yuva Rural Association Organogram have been mentioned below:

  • TE or Technical/Thematic Experts: TE’s include those personnel who contribute through their technical expertise to the organization. For instance, gender experts, agri-business experts, research and documentation, agriculture experts, etc.
  • SMT or Senior Management Team: SMT comprises of the Chief Functionary, Director Programme, Systems Manager, one representative from the Regional Coordinators, and one representative from the TE’s. This team would be a decision-making authority at the management level in the organization.
  • YRA-C or YRA Collective: YRA-C comprises of the Chief Functionary, Director Programme, Systems Manager, Regional Coordinators, District Coordinators, Account and Admin Personnel, TE’s and other invited staff and resource persons on a need basis. This forum would be a reflective and recommending forum for the SMT and the Governing Council of the organization.
  • Regional C/M or Regional Coordinator/Manager: As per the strategic plan, regions A, B and C have been formed. Currently, regional coordinators have been selected for A regions and they are looking after the functioning of the B and C regions as well.
  • DC or District Coordinator: DC’s have been selected for the A regions. They are looking at the overall functioning of the district.
  • P or Projects/Programmes Staff: This includes the staff involved in the projects/programmes being implemented in the respective districts.

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